by Savannah Belle Miller

Tomorrow is our first rehearsal for “New World Disorder” which is mind-blowing to me. Walking into Senior Capstone, we had no clue what our show was even going to be about, and now a semester later (with only a few prior workshop days in the fall) we have a two-act play in our hands specifically meant for us.

When we started this journey on creating this show with Chisa, the question of, “what do you want your Capstone to be about?” was so vague. This literally could have gone in any direction. Two years ago, the Seniors created a play, “Too Big” that delved into the issues college students face, like student loans (I don’t wanna think about this currently). As relatable as the show was to us students, we as the current capstone class collectively made a decision that we did not want our show to be like that. We did not want it to be predictable; college campus, college issues, etc. We craved for something different but something that was still engaging and relatable for our generation. We sat in a circle in our Directing Lab and started bouncing ideas off of each other like “how is technology affecting our lives currently?” “How will that benefit or cause disadvantages to future generations?” “ROBOTS, MAN! THOSE ARE CRAZY!”

Bless Chisa for having such patience with us and our rambling about these things that seemed absolutely crazy at the moment, and then took those ideas and came back to us with this script. It just goes to show how talented she is, especially with her listening skills!!! She took practically everything we discussed and incorporated it somehow into the play… which seems like it would create a cluster­mess out of a script, but someway and somehow, she made a perfectly structured story with meaning. And that’s all I could have asked for as a play to be a part of.

It’s kind of difficult right now to make a blog post on exactly what’s going on because I don’t want to ruin anything about the play and we technically have not even begun rehearsals yet. But I’m very much looking forward to the future and seeing how we will pull off this spectacle of a production. There will be more to talk about soon, and that is a promise.