Poem Search and Verification

This database contains all of the currently eligible poems. You can search by any of the fields below. When searching, be aware that some poems begin with quotes or brackets, which do need to be included if the poem is to be located. The Search Title field removes the punctuation marks, but the most reliable search is by author’s name. If you are searching for poems with less than 25 lines or pre-20th century poems, put an X in the appropriate box. Not all poems are on the website. The source field will let you know if it is on the website or in the printed anthology.

To Search:

  1. Enter the search terms in the appropriate fields.
  2. Click on the “Search for all conditions” box
  3. Click on the Looking Glass.
  4. A table of poems will appear.
  5. You can click on individual rows to drill down to a single title.
  6. You have to click on the browser back button to return to the seach table.