A Progressive Man by Phoebe Farber

A Progressive Man is based on the life and legacy of Woodrow Wilson.  Set in two time periods, the play alternates between the recent student protests at Princeton University in 2015 and the early 1900s as Wilson moves from president of Princeton, to Governor of New jersey, and then President of the U.S.  The play follows a young Princeton student as he organizes a sit-in to demand Wilson’s name be removed from the School of Public and International Affairs because of Wilson’s racist attitudes.

A Progressive Man focuses on the complex history of Wilson’s legacy, and asks the questions:  Who gets to define the dominant narrative of our historic figures? How do we think about the legacy of our political figures, who inevitably bring both heroic and human dimensions?  As we usher in our 45th president, the subject of political legacy is fraught, making A Progressive Man a reflection of current day drama.

Date: March 2 at 7:00 pm
Venue: Bickford Theatre at the Morris Museum – Show In Map
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