Surely Goodness and Mercy

September 4, 2017

SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY By Chisa Hutchinson Click here for tickets!!! Tino is a 12-year old boy in one of Newark’s public schools. Picked on by fellow students for his studiousness and love of reading the Bible and harassed by his aunt who became his guardian after the violent death of hi...

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SGM | Psychogenic Excoriation Disorder

August 1, 2017

"No, with her fingernails. Her arm was itching. Real bad, apparently, ‘cause she just kept scratching and scratching. Until she broke skin. And then she started bleeding. She was bleeding all over her desk and dripping blood on the floor and the teacher didn’t even notice. Nobody noticed but me.”...

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SGM | Carrie

July 27, 2017

"This just seem like some Carrie-type shit right here."

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SGM | Chisa’s Other Works

July 17, 2017

Chisa’s Other Works   Kin (A REP Theatre commission in progress) In order to join a white supremacist group a man takes a mandatory ancestry test to get a life changing surprise.   The Forgetting Place (A puppet musical in progress) What if you could get rid of memories of the events th...

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