Drew Arts Administration Final Project

  • Student Information

    Answer the first three questions as yourself.
  • This is the email to which all confirmations/ notifications on your progress and final submission will be sent. Please enter and confirm.
  • Organization Information

    Starting below, answer as the organization you are creating.
  • Name a specific geographic location (eg., town, county, state)
  • What is the primary zip code of your organization.
  • What do you see as the effective service area of your organization? You can limit it to a municipality, county, or multiple municipality and counties.
  • Census Data

    The next question will ask you to determine key demographics of your service area. The information you need can be found at the following site : Census Data (this will open in a new tab) You can enter the municipality or county in the search box to find key demographics. If you have defined a multi-county or multi-municipality service area, for the sake of this exercise, pick a single central area, such as the municipality or county in which the organization is located and use that data. A full analysis would require you to look at all of your defined areas, but that is not necessary for this assignment.

    Here are the categories to use for the following question:

    Census Data

    Total Population
    Persons per square mile
    Age and Sex
    Percentage Under 5 years of age
    Percentage under 18 years of age
    Percentage greater than 65 years of age
    Percentage 18-65 years of age (you must calculate)
    Percentage female
    Percentage white alone, not Hispanic or Latino
    Percentage Black
    Percentage Native American
    Percentage Asian
    Percentage two or more races
    Median selected monthly owner costs -with a mortgage
    Median gross rent, 2011-2015
    Families and Living Arrangement
    Households, 2011-2015
    Persons per household
    Percentage Language other than English spoken at home
    High school graduate or higher
    Bachelor's degree or higher
    In civilian labor force, total, percent (age 16+)
    In civilian labor force, female, percent (age 16+)
    Median household income
    Median Family Income
    All Firms
    Men-owned firms
    Women-owned firms
    Minority-owned firms
  • For the service area you have defined, using the information in the description above, list key demographics for that area. Put each requested piece of information in a separate row.
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  • Briefly summarize the data above by category (i.e., Population, Age/Sex, etc.) Is there anything in the data that will provide a challenge or opportunity for your organization?
  • Provide a brief description of the programs you intend to implement as part of your mission. You will have an opportunity to describe them in more detail later. Click on the cross to the right hand side of the field to add rows. Your list should include education and arts education programs.
    Name of Program or ProjectBrief DescriptionNotes 
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  • Provide a more detailed description of each program in your list above. Within the description, include the following information (as briefly as possible):
    Primary goal of the program
    Activities of the program
    How it advances your mission
    Intended population
    How you plan to evaluate success
  • Program Chart

    Using Flowchart Draw, create an program chart and save it. You will be asked to upload the file at the very end of this form. The file should be named as follows: last name first name program chart.
  • Board of Directors

    This next section will deal with basic plans for the board of directors.
  • How many initial board members do you plan to bring on (minimum of five)?
    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 5.
  • List each board member (not by name, just number), the skills/abilities you require from then, and any additional notes.
    Board Member #Skills/AbilitiesNotes 
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  • List the committees of your initial board and a brief description of responsibilities.
    CommitteeActivity/ Responsibility 
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  • What will be the board's working relationship to the staff?
  • Staffing

    This section will deal with staffing plans.
  • For each of the programs of your organization (as well as general administration), list the main activities necessary to successfully implement the program, the program, and whether that activity will be handled by staff, board, volunteer, or intern (Interns are volunteers, but for the sake of this exercise, we will separate the two).
    ActivityProgram (or general administration)Staff/Board/Volunteer/Intern 
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  • Provide a list of initial staff positions, responsibilities (brief), program affiliation (if applicable), and whether they are full or part time.
    PositionResponsibilitiesProgramFull or Part Time 
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  • For each position, provide a detailed description of each position. Briefly describe what that person will do, and who, if anybody, they will supervise.
  • Organization Chart

    Using Flowchart Draw, create an organization chart and save it. You will be asked to upload the file at the very end of this form. The file should be named as follows: last name first name org chart.
  • Volunteers and Interns

    This section will deal with your plans for volunteers
  • Based on your activities chart above, consolidate your volunteer and intern activities in the list below. Determine the number needed for each activity.
    ProgramActivityVolunteer or InternNumber Needed 
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  • Describe how Volunteer and Intern activities will be managed. Specifically address the following:
    Who will be the point person for volunteer and intern coordination?
    How will volunteer and intern needs be determined?
    How will those needs be communicated to the point person?
    How will the schedule be coordinated?
    How will volunteer and intern policy be set and evaluated?
  • Budgeting

    Using an Excel spreadsheet, create a budget for your organization. Along with an Executive Summary Budget, there should be individual expense budgets for project, marketing, development and general administration. The budget should balance.

    The Executive Summary Budget should include the following income lines.

    Contributed Income

    Individual Giving
    General Individuals
    Board Giving
    Matching Gifts
    Special Events
    Foundation Giving
    Corporate Giving
    Local Business

    Earned Income

    Box Office
    Class Tuition
    Contracts for Service
    Other Earned

    Executive Summary expense budget should list the following:
    General Administration
    Program 1
    Program 2
    Program, etc. Save your budget as follows Last Name First Name Budget. You will be able to upload it at the end of the form.
  • Marketing and Awareness

  • List all the electronic media you will use to publicize your organization and activities.
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  • What activities will you engage in to gather recipients for these electronic efforts?
  • What is your desired website name?
  • On your website homepage, what would be the subject headings for your menu bar? Look at other websites to see how they structure their information. What would be the drop-down sub-headings under each heading? Do this as an outline, e.g.,
    General Heading 1
    Program 1
    Program 2
    General Heading 2
    Program 3
    Program 4

    If you want, you can also use Flowchart Draw to create a flowchart of the website structure. If you do this, remember to add it to the upload at the end.
  • What non-electronic media will you use to publicize your organization and activities?
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  • How will you coordinate between the electronic, website, and non-electronic media to maximize the impact of each.
  • Do some research in your geographic area. Determine if there are membership organizations in which you should become involved. Considering each will have fees, determine which of these are priority, and list them in order of priority below.
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  • Community Development

  • Using Guidestar, search on the zip code of your location to locate other arts non-profit organizations in your town. List them, and to the best of your ability, state their primary artistic focus (e.g., theatre, music, dance, etc.). You may search multiple zip codes on Guidestar by listing the zip codes separated by commas.
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  • Using Guidestar, search on the zip code of your location to locate other non-profit organizations in your town where a connection with your organization might be useful. List them, state what appears to be their primary focus, and a brief statement of how you might connect. You may search multiple zip codes on Guidestar by listing the zip codes separated by commas.
    OrganizationFocusConnection Point 
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  • List all educational entities in your main area of service, and what type (public elementary, private high school, university, etc.)
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  • List all houses of worship in your main area of service, and what type (Methodist, Presbyterian, Temple, Mosque, etc.)
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  • Drag the file for your program chart, staffing chart, and budget here. Note the allowed file extensions below. Please format the name of your files as follows, using no punctuation:
    Last Name First Name Program Chart
    Last Name First Name Org Chart
    Last Name First Name Budget

    Example: Joyce James Program Chart
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, pdf, jpg.
  • Save and Continue Later/ Submit

    Note well: The form below provides you a choice to either submit your work or to "Save and Continue Later." The latter choice guarantees your work is saved. Thus, even if you are making a final submission, choose "Save and Continue Later," then return to the form to make the final submission .