by Brittany Pope

Thus far in our class’s process of creating New World Disorder, we have established the themes of the play, started building our connections to it, and have read through it numerous times. We started our process by meeting with the playwright, Chisa Hutchinson, who would be writing a brand new work for us. We had several workshops with her where in we discussed our ideas for the play and what we wanted to say with it. The next step in our process consisted of us receiving the first draft of the play, beginning to build our connection to it, and read through it. We began reading through the script several times and doing exercises revolving around it.

One exercise we performed which I particularly found useful, consisted of us breaking into small groups and actively listening to each others’ experiences dealing with different themes, and emotions in the play. I found this exercise very useful because, prior to doing it I was not as connected to the emotions in the play as I would like to be but, after speaking with my peers I realized I could relate to the play’s subject matter and what the characters of the play are going through a lot more. I felt doing this exercise brought the capstone class closer as a cast and we were all feeling very unified, tranquil, and ready to take on this play together as a team afterward. I personally now am excited to be officially cast soon and, begin the rehearsal process with this work, and I feel as though my capstone peers are on the same page.