by Michelle Kim

The process of Capstone so far has been pretty chill. I wasn’t there for the first workshop with Chisa, so I felt like I had a few things to catch up on. I got the sense that most of the topics discussed were personal things that were important to the rest of my classmates. However, there must have been the subject of technology being such a huge part of our lives as millennials, since the world of the play is a dystopian future where people are limited to their screens.

The second workshop was an interesting thing to come into because I was a bit lost, especially since I hadn’t been there for the first workshop and did not know what to expect. The spooning exercise was unique – I had definitely never done that before. I was somewhat uncomfortable and felt awkward even though the people that I was surrounded by were good friends of mine. I’m just not a huge lover of physical affection. The readings of the two monologues – Calla’s eggplant monologue and Andros’ – were insightful to where the play was going and what it was going to be about. I thought the choice of an eggplant was interesting since these days, the image of an eggplant is often used as a phallic symbol. I loved the Andros character when we read through the monologue. I love the idea of playing a villain, and I was bummed that it was a male part, even though it could be androgynous.

The first read through of the first act was really exciting. I read for Kimber, and I really enjoyed the character. I thought she was cute and funny and very lighthearted yet very into the things that she’s working on, which I relate to.

When coming back for the spring semester, I was intrigued to know what the rest of the play would be like. I was very pleased with the first draft, especially to Kimber’s development in the second act. The read through of the entire play on our first day back was when I really fell in love with the character of Kimber. I think she has an amazing journey and throughout the process, I really connected to her. With the process of Capstone as a class, it’s been quite emotional. Our second class, we delved deep into the idea of what we would be willing to die for and who we would protect for what. It was a very vulnerable space and although I felt very self-conscious about discussing my feelings and sentiments, it was a very safe environment to share.