By Ian August

Part of our Soundings Reading Series

There is only one open position at Hapdo Technologies Incorporated, and four desperate women–Wilma, Poppy, Beverly, and Janet Janet–will go head to head to head to head to get it.  The first step is acing a job interview that may never come!  Who will come out on top? Who will sink beneath the weight of her own insecurity? Which lady will learn the language of the Corporate Interview? Interviewese is an outrageous comedy about the perils of healthy and unhealthy competition, and the danger of doing whatever it takes to win.

Ian August is a NJ based playwright and lyricist, whose works have been performed across the U.S., as well as in Canada, Australia, the UK, South Korea and Bermuda.  Full-length plays include: The Goldilocks Zone, (Passage Theatre Company), Donna Orbits the Moon (NJ Repertory Company, Utah Contemporary Theatre; Barbour Memorial Playwright Award, 2010), Missing Celia Rose (NYC Summer Play Festival; Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s “Playfest 2009″; Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society), Submitted by C. Randall McCloskey (2011 NY Intl. Fringe Festival), Natural History (2009 NY Intl. Fringe Festival),The Aisling (2009 Heiress Productions New Play Series Award), The Moor’s Son, Interviewese, and Cobbler.