By Rob Zellers

Part of our Soundings Reading Series

Joe and his younger brother Robert live off the grid in a run-down, inner-city neighborhood.  Robert suffers from cerebral palsy.  Joe is an artist.  They are in perfect control of their world until they are discovered by social services and into their lives comes Marianne, a bright and ambitious young therapist.  This is a story about the power of the life spirit, about hope and possibility in the face of insurmountable odds.


Rob Zellers’ plays have been developed at Pittsburgh Public Theater, Pittsburgh Playhouse, Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Lark, PlayPenn, New Harmony Project, Accessible Theatre Company of Boston, and Carnegie Mellon and Wake Forest Universities. He is co-author of The Chief, the most successful play in Pittsburgh Public Theater’s 40-year history, published by University of Pittsburgh Press and made into a feature film.  Other plays:  Harry’s Friendly Service, premiered Pittsburgh Public Theater 2009, Edgerton Award; Mr. Wheeler’s, Salt Lake City-Pioneer Theatre Company’s Play-by-Play series; Safekeeping, O’Neill Theatre Conference semi-finalist, winner of the Pen is a Mighty Sword Award.  Plays currently in development: The Red Cat, The Happiness They Seek, Smokey Hollow. Rob was the Education Director at Pittsburgh Public Theater from 1987-2015 where he established numerous theater education programs to serve the Pittsburgh community.