The Showman and the Spirit

By Elisabeth Karlin

Part of our Soundings Reading Series

In a Bronx high school in 1976, an assembly honoring a late and great African-American hero is the occasion for a young, idealistic schoolteacher, an old Hollywood character actor, his delicate daughter and a beleaguered school secretary to collide head-on amid misunderstandings, old resentments, and pre-conceived notions. In the course of a school day, these four discover that they are embroiled in a situation that brings out deeper sensitivities than they could ever realize.

Elisabeth Karlin’s plays include The Showman and the Spirit (Finalist, Ashland New Play Festival and Semi-Finalist O’Neill NPC 2014.) Bodega Bay (Produced at Abingdon Theatre Company; Winner Jerry Kaufman Award for Playwriting; Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2014 and Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2014, Smith and Kraus.) Wild Men of the Woods (The Lark, Playwrights Week and 2008 winner of The Jerry Kaufman Award for Playwriting.) A Mother’s Prayer (Mile Square Theater, Hoboken.) The Mooncalf (Produced at Abingdon Theater Company; The Best Stage Scenes 2001, Smith and Kraus.) Lucy’s Last Date (The Third Street Theatre, Los Angeles; Named Dramalogue’s “Critics Choice.”) Other plays, Dress Down Day, A Bone to the Dog, Young Men Roam the Streets, among them, have received staged readings on various prominent stages in and around New York. She is a member of The Project Y Playwrights Group, The Abingdon Theatre Playwrights Group and The American Renaissance Theater Company.