What Is “Flash Fiction?”

Take a look at the Writer’s Digest definition of “Flash Fiction” and its multiple variants.  Remember, this contest is looking for pieces of 750 words or less. In some circles this is called “Sudden Fiction.”

Read this article from the online source The Review Review for some insights into writing “Flash Fiction.” There are multiple perspectives in the piece, which makes it especially useful.

The 2017-18 Jersey Shorts Flash Fiction Prompt

In the space of 750 words or less, give us the complete life of a character. The challenge here is to present to us an individual, unique and distinctive, while also giving us a sense of that person’s entire existence, whether that existence was in the service of others, or with a philosophy of utter selfishness, or with an impact no one could have foreseen. Maybe this character’s life presents a lesson for others to live by (or resist). Surprise us with details about this fictional life, keeping in mind that the most surprising details are the ones we embarrassingly admit are too, too true.