MACA W-9 Search

Need to know if we have a W-9 on file for an artist? You can search below.

If we have a W-9 on file for the artist the “W9 On File” column will say “Yes.” If the column is empty, we do not have a W-9 on file.

Please note that MACA will not issue checks without having a valid W-9 in its possession.

Search Tips:

  1. The database does not need the full name to search. Use the part of the name (usually last) you know will yield a response.
  2. Sometimes artists are paid under a different name or by company.
  3. If you can’t find the artist, try scrolling through. You can search by discipline, then click on the column header to get artists in alphabetical order (by first name). There are page numbers and icons at the bottom to assist you.