Students rehearsing from Creative Acts Academy.

Creative Acts Academy students rehearse.


Madison Young Playwrights Program

31 Years of  Professional Theatre Artists Teaching Playwriting in the Madison Public Schools

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Madison Young Playwrights Program 

For 31 years The Madison Young Playwrights Program has taught after-school playwriting classes in all Madison Elementary Schools, St. Vincent Martyr, and The Madison Junior School. Classes meet once per week for 10 weeks, and are taught by professional playwrights and theatre artists.

All completed plays are submitted to both the Madison Young Playwrights Contest and the New Jersey Young Playwrights Contest. Representative plays from each class are presented in assembly programs at the schools as staged readings with professional actors.

Click on the tabs for information about the Madison Young Playwrights Program. Also, check out blog posts from our Madison YPP Teaching Artists.

Enrollment for the program opens during the Summer of the upcoming school year. The program is offered to students in grades 4-8. Application information is distributed to parents from the individual schools through both paper and electronic forms. Students can be registered for class on this website by clicking on the “Enrollment Form” tab. Please check the “Program Schedule” tab prior to registration, as different schools may be operating on different schedules.

2017-18 Madison Young Playwrights School Schedule

Program dates for these schools are as follows:

Central Avenue ES: Thursdays/3:15-4:45pm from September 28 to December 14

Kings Road ES: Tuesdays/3:15-4:45pm from September 26 to December 5

Torey J. Sabatini ES: Wednesdays/3:15-4:45pm from September 27 to December 6

St. Vincent Martyr School: TBD

Madison Junior School: Tusedays/3:15-4:45pm from September 26 to December 5

Any emergency cancellations will be announced on both our Writers Theatre of New Jersey Facebook Page and on our Emergency Notices Page.

Madison Young Playwrights Program Enrollment Form
You will find below the enrollment form for the Madison Young Playwrights Program. Please check the “Program Schedule” tab for the specific dates and times for your child’s school. Questions marked with an asterisk require an answer.

  • Thank you for your interest in the Madison Young Playwrights Program. Classes are held after school for students grades 4-8 in all of the Madison elementary schools, Madison Junior School, and St. Vincent Martyr. Please check the schedule tab for specific school dates and times. If you wish to enroll, please complete the following online application. The registration period will run through the first week of classes, however, only the first 20 applications received for each school will be accepted. You will receive a confirmation of your child's enrollment from Writers Theatre.
  • Has your child participated in the Madison Young Playwrights Program before?
  • I give permission for my child to be photographed for program documentation and publicity.
  • The safety of your child is important. We cannot allow a child to walk home without your consent. Please select YES if you child will walk home from class regularly. If you choose NO, your child will not be allowed to walk home without a written letter of permission (if you answer "yes," we may re-confirm your choice by phone or e-mail).
  • Please indicate your permission for your child to participate in the 10-week playwriting workshop by choosing YES below. By choosing YES, you are indicating that you understand that participants will be expected to attend every class, complete program assignments, and be dismissed at the time indicated on the schedule. You also indicate that you will arrange for prompt transportation. If you choose NO, your child will not be enrolled in this program.
  • Please indicate your child's understanding of the expectations as listed above by selecting YES from the options below. If you choose NO, your child will not be enrolled in this program.
  • Madison Young Playwrights Festival
  • Madison Young Playwrights Festival

    Check back here for more information on the 2016-17 Madison Young Playwrights Festival and Tour.

    Madison Young Playwrights Festival– Reading Archive

    For 31 years, the Madison Young Playwrights Festival has brought professional actors and directors together to present representative plays written in our Madison Young Playwrights workshops. Here are the plays we have presented: