Out of 300+ entrants statewide, 13 elementary, jr. high and high school students will see their original plays performed on stage this month! As winners of the New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival, students’ original work, written both in school and during their own time, will be staged. With performances coming up early next week, directors have been prepping the winning scripts, as well as going through a casting process. The playwrights will get to work with and be in the room with directors at rehearsal, which will be an exciting experience!

This year’s New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival winners have created some great pieces, and we’re looking forward to this year’s festival! Not only will these talented writers get to see their work come to life on the stage, but they’re all also winners of a Governor’s Award. A great honor for NJ students involved in the arts, we’ll be interviewing them about their experience with the whole process.

The preparation and rehearsal processes will be moving pretty quickly, but we’re nonetheless very excited to see the final products! There will only be a few rehearsals to pull the performances together, with the first being this weekend on Sunday, June 19th. There will also be some time set aside before the start of each day’s performances for rehearsals. Performances will start on Monday, June 20th with the elementary and jr. high school categories. The high school category will be performed on Tuesday, June 21st.