Carrie Louise Nutt

Carrie Louise Nutt originally hails from Seattle, but has been living in the New York metropolitan area for the past decade.  Her play Agua was a 2011 semi-finalist at the O’Neill Conference.  It was workshopped at The Lark and at Playwrights’ Theatre of New Jersey, during her 2009 Emerging Playwright residency at PTNJ through the National New Play Network.  Her one-act When Gods Walk the Earth was part of the Great Plains Theatre Conference, received Tulsa University’s “Best New Works for Young Women” award and was produced at Manhattan Repertory Theatre as part of their One-act Festival.  Her play The Lamb was produced off-Broadway at 59E59 and was a finalist for the Heidemen Award.  Her play Lunch Break was produced in India and performed by children from Afghanistan as part of a State-sponsored leadership project.  She is currently involved with a project involving women vets dealing with PTSD, which is in its early stages of development.  She is published in One on One: The Best Men’s Monologues for the 21st Century by Applause and is a two-time participant in the Estrogenius Festival.  Carrie has worked at Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Empty Space and New Dramatists.  She holds an MFA in Playwriting from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers the State University of NJ and from the University of Washington a BA in Creative Writing and a BA in Drama.  She teaches Screenwriting and Expository Writing at Rutgers.  She was recently commissioned to write a one-act play for the students at New Jersey Vo-Tech, where she will be teaching Playwriting in the Fall.  Carrie is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America and The Playwrights Center in Minneapolis.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of New Jersey and resides in Jersey City with her cat, Dulcinea.

Productions and Publications

Agua (Full-length)

Semi-finalist for the O’Neill Conference (2011)

Sewanee Writers Conference Contributing Playwright Invitee (2011)

Developed at Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey as the National New Play Network’s Emerging Playwright in Residence at PTNJ (2009-2010)

Forum Reading Series, PTNJ (2010)

NNPN/Lark workshop reading (2010)

Breathe, Keep Breathing

Julliard’s Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Fellowship finalist (2005)

Reading at The Pantheon Theatre by Shalimar (2003)

The Cave (One-act play)

Jameson Theatre, Rutgers production (2007)

Chicken Lover’s (Ten-minute play)

Ashland New Play Festival reading (2005)

Dust (Full-length)

Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Youngblood finalist  (2005)

Julliard’s Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Fellowship finalist (2005)

Two monologues in One on One: The Best Men’s Monologues for the 21st Century (Applause Books, 2009)

Extropia (Full-length musical; co-writer)

Produced at the King King Theatre (2010)

Produced by Collaborator at the ReBar in Seattle (2003)

Green (Ten-minute musical; co-written)

Production at LaMama (2003)

Halloween (Ten-minute play)

Produced by the New Brunswick Theatre Festival (2010)

Hard Heart (Full-length)

Thesis production at Levin Theatre at Rutgers (2009)

It’s Complicated (Ten-minute play)

Produced by Motherlodge at Ear-Xtacy in Louisville, Kentucky (2009)

Kid Sister

Estrogenius Festival Participant at Manhattan Theatre Source (2007)

Published in MTS’ 2007 Estrogenius Festival compilation

The Lamb (Ten-minute play)

Heideman award finalist (2003)

Produced at the The Blue Heron (2004)

Produced at 59E59 (2004)

Lunch Break

Performed in India and written for the Afghan State Department (2010)

Once Upon a Story (Full-length children’s play)

Actors Theatre of Louisville (2001)

People (Ten-minute play)

Reading in Brooklyn at a found space (2011)

Touch (One-act play)

Produced by Collab Arts at George St. Playhouse (2008)

New Dramatists Intern reading (2005)

Two Girls, The Queen and Holiday (One-minute plays)

Produced in the NJ one-minute play festival (2010)

Video Killed the Star (Ten-minute play)

Produced by Punch Theatre at TBG, NYC (2011)

Weed War (Ten-minute play)

Produced by Women with Balls (2010)

When Gods Walk the Earth (One-act play)

Produced by Phaedra Productions at Manhattan Rep (2011)

Recipient of the Best New Works for Young Women Award, U. of Tulsa (2010)

Play Labs participant at the Great Plains Theatre Conference (2009)

Reading by Collab Arts at George St. Playhouse (2008)

Wrong Number (Ten-minute play)

Produced in the Estrogenius Festival at Manhattan Theatre Source (2004)

Published in MTS’ 2004 Estrogenius Festival compilation

Project Description and Goals

Screwed! is a full-length dramedy about the rise and fall of a porn king.  Amadeus Rossi heads West on a whim with a carload of friends to start a new life in wilds of Los Angeles.  With a penchant for photography and no money to his name, he carves out a niche for himself as a director of pornography.  The money starts rolling in and the dream of something better than what he left behind starts to manifest itself.  But “the past is never past,” and Amadeus wakes up one morning to discover that he has no choice but to return home, to everything he left, with absolutely nothing to his name.


This is a brand new play that has not yet been written.  It is based on interviews with a real-life porn director.  It is based on actual events.


Over the next year, I would like to:

a)    Have a completed script that has seen several rewrites.  What I mean by this is I want to have laid out a working order of events for the play.

b)    Explore and make clear the deeper underlying themes of the play.  I am drawn to subject matter dealing with the exploitation of women.  I am approaching this very differently than I have in the past.  My modus operandi would have been to find an entry point into this material that would have offered up a critique of the crossover between sex and violence, and although this is a strain that will be evident in the piece, what I am more interested in is examining this subculture without judgment.  What I mean by this is I am interested in examining what attracts people to the porn industry.  What does it represent?  It seems to me to be a quintessential American enterprise, and yet, it is highly demonized.  This puritanical American need to keep the porn industry marginalized contributes to the dangers that porn stars and participants are exposed to.  It is a lucrative, ever-present and invisible industry.  I want to give it a face.  The character I am writing about, and fictionalizing, is male.

c)    Find a way to put porn on the stage that is both palatable and real.  I am attracted to work that pushes the boundaries of what is both capable on the stage and what the middle-class considers appropriate.  I don’t want an audience to shut off, but at the same time, I don’t want to anaesthetize an industry that already suffers from illegitimacy.   Porn fills a void in society that is clearly readily needed.  I am interested in how live video and pre-recorded video can find a way into the forward action of the piece.  I want to find a way to invite audiences in, not turn them off, while challenging their beliefs.

d)    Create a sympathetic and flawed character existing in a comical, and realistic, world of sex, drugs and fame.  I want the principle characters to be fully fleshed out and the supporting characters to be as riveting as the principles.