Selected playwrights will be invited to participate in further revision and development of the scripts in the weeks leading up to the Festival weekend. High School playwrights will be paired up with a dramaturg, who will set further development goals and connect with the writer via phone or on-line.

High school writers should plan to attend all meetings and rehearsals. Once in rehearsal, writers are seen as professionals, and will be treated as the most important collaborator in the room. Writers may consider revisions, as the final reading is script-in-hand, so actors are not burdened with memorization.

Writers are expected to attend the final performance, where each will be honored with a Certificate of Achievement. WTNJ also holds a post-reading discussion with the writers and directors.

Selected playwrights from the High School division also receive a New Jersey Governor’s Award in Arts Education at an event in Trenton, cosponsored by the NJ Arts Education Partnership and the New Jersey Department of Education.

A statewide press release will publicize these student awards.