Review The Guidelines

If you have not familiarized yourself with the Contest Overview and Play Submission Guidelines Pages, please take a look at them before you submit your play.


Check the NJ Young Playwright Festival Facebook Page

Also, take a quick look at the NJYPP Blog or Facebook Page for any submission news.  And don’t forget to like us on Facebook. You can access both through the menu bar on the right.


Check Formatting and Proofread Your Play

Remember to proofread your play and check your formatting in the Submission Guidelines section.


Name Your Play File

Name the play file as per our instructions, below. This is important, as we receive hundreds of submissions.

For example, if you are submitting in the Junior HS Division, your name is Kim Smith, and the name of your play is My Awesome Life,  your file should be named:

JS Smith My Awesome Life.doc  or JS Smith My Awesome Life.pdf

Remember, we prefer .pdf files, but will take scripts submitted as .doc. .docx, or .rtf as well.


Gather Additional Information

In addition to information about yourself and your play, we will ask for the following:

  • Parent’s phone numbers and e-mail address
  • Full names of the co-authors, if any
  • Your school address and name of principal.

Please have these available, as it will speed up your application process.