We are interested in hearing your ruminations on the Senior Citizens in your world. “Mind your elders” is a phrase that is often negative, said as a way to get us to behave. There is another meaning, though. Which is “to listen,” “to pay attention to.” We don’t want to tell anyone how to write a poem, but our primary intention is the latter interpretation. We have much to garner from the elders among us, and we want to hear what you have garnered (or are garnerning)– positive, negative, and anything in between.

The obvious place to go is to grandparents, or elder members of your family, and they are rich subjects, but we also encourage you to reach out, look around, “mind” the elders in your larger community, as well.

We intend to gather a number of these poems in an online anthology to create a kind of poetic map of the state, an emotional geography that may look very different from the shape, boundaries and borders with which we are so familiar.

You can see the map of the Poems of Place from the first round by clicking here.