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In the tab below, you will find downloadable versions of any form we may request from you.  The forms can be filled out on the computer, and if you wish, you may save them as a file and upload them here.

Employment Forms

Event Author Information Forms and Uploads

Below you will find information and upload forms for your respective project. The script upload– if applicable– is contained in the form.  You will receive a notification on the page that the form was submitted correctly. If there was an error, the form will indicate where it occurred.


Author Information and Scheduling-- Soundings 2018 Madison January 2-15

Click here to fill out the Author Information and Scheduling Form for Soundings 2018 (opens in a new tab)

New Plays New Jersey-- March 2018
Jersey City Theatre Center-- New Plays New Jersey 2018 Author Scheduling

Click here to get to the Jersey City Theatre Center New Plays New Jersey 2018 Scheduling Form


2018 Round 6 NJWPP Scheduling

Click here to get to the NJWPP Scheduling Form.