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Surely Goodness and Mercy | Context Guide | Education

SGM | A List of Newark Public Schools

Newark Public Schools   Name Grades Principal Address Abington Avenue School PK-8 Nelson Ruiz 209 Abington Avenue American History High School...

SGM | A Brief History of Newark Public Schools

A Brief History of Newark Public Schools   The Newark Public School District encompasses the entire city of Newark in Essex County, New Jersey...


"New Jersey SEEDS. They take kids real young, put ‘em through like training programs, make ‘em go to school on Saturdays and in the summer. And the...

SGM | Discipline

"Regardless of what the answer key said, you shouldn’t have said what you said. We’re trying to foster a respectful community. And we can’t do that...

SGM | Zero Tolerance Policies

“If it were just that he missed a homework assignment or got caught chewing gum, then I could just give him a detention and be done with it. But we...

SGM | Bullying

“Because y’all lil’ jerks tease him and pick on him so bad, he rather sit and starve a extra thirty minutes than be around you.”

SGM | Grammar

"BUT THE GROUP IS LAUGHING! And I don’t need decades of grammar usage to know that’s right!"

SGM | Diagramming

How to get better at sentence structure!