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Surely Goodness and Mercy | Public Safety

SGM | Random Violence

“Not your fault. Wrong place, wrong time. She got shot.”

SGM | Adoption and Foster Care

“Spent all my adult life being careful, doing what I got to do to not get pregnant and then wind up with you.”

SGM | Child Abuse

“Whatever. She hit him all the time.”

SGM | Runaways and Homeless Youth

“I ran away. How did you know? That I wasn’t going home?”

SGM | Life Expectancy for Young Men

A common belief is that women live longer than men, and the numbers show that this is true. 57 percent of people 65 or older are female, and by the...

SGM | Compassion vs. Empathy

“There’s lots of people that need to be blessed. What better way than to have us bless each other? What faster way? Don’t believe me? Try it.”