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Surely Goodness and Mercy | Lexicon

SGM | Neurologist

“Neurologist. That’s a special brain doctor.”

SGM | Steroids

“They sayin’ tomorrow morning, after my last dose of the steroids.”

SGM | Carrie

"This just seem like some Carrie-type shit right here."

SGM | James Paterson

Bits and pieces. Not cover to cover like a fuckin’ James Patterson novel.

SGM | tenet

“This may be the most basic tenet of Christianity. It is more blessed to give than to receive.” tenet – a principle or belief, on...

SGM | Hieroglyphics

“She studied white people like fucking hieroglyphics.” hieroglyphics – enigmatic or incomprehensible symbols of writing www.merri...

SGM | Salty

“What’d she say to get you so salty?” salty – (word originated from Philadelphia, PA) “you just got played” or ...

SGM | Phantom sound

“Phantom sound maybe?” phantom sound – a sound that someone seems to hear, although there is no sound at all

SGM | Castigation

“Who wanna subject themselves to the hate and castigation that most churches serve up on a daily basis?” castigation – to critici...

SGM | Beacon

“The church should be the beacon, not the iceberg.” beacon – a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning,...