New Jersey Young Playwrights Winners Announced

Madison, NJ —  For the past thirty-five years, the Writers Theatre of New Jersey has conducted the New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival, a program which brings teaching artists to local schools to work with students on the art of playwriting. The Festival also includes a contest, which is open to writers across the state and repeatedly draws incredible young minds to create inspiring new work.

One such mind was that of Julie Ann Earls, a 2008 New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival Winner. Since this early success, Earls has gone on to pursue theatre professionally and, earlier this year, finished up a multi-year run on the off-Broadway hit “PUFFS, OR: SEVEN INCREASINGLY EVENTFUL YEARS AT A CERTAIN SCHOOL OF MAGIC AND MAGIC.” She still fondly recalls her experience with the Festival and stands by what she wrote shortly after winning: “That’s what this experience was all about: real actors taking my real work very seriously. This was invaluable to a young artist like myself. It made me feel like I wasn’t just some kid who wrote some play …

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Master The Art Of Making The Best Grilled Steak With Easy Steps

When it comes to art, what do you think of? For me, cooking deserves an art, and each delish dish is a masterpiece. One of my greatest achievements is mastering the art of making a restaurant-quality grilled steak.

Today, I will share with you the best indoor grills for steaks method to have a homemade steak for your BBQ parties.

Charcoal And Gas: Which Should Use For Grilling Steak?

Charcoal or wood-terminated barbecues are undoubtedly the best decision for your tasty barbecuing steaks in light of the extra flavor and burning they give.

On the off chance that you have a special charcoal barbecue, you can add such wood types as oak and maple to the fire to create smokiness and upgrade the general meat.

You can still cook a wonderful steak on a gas barbecue instead, so don’t panic. All you need to do is open the grill lid, turn on the gas, then light it if using gas. If the lid is closed when lighting the grill, gas can build up inside the grill and …

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Great Secrets To Storing Your Meat For A Long Time

You have delicious and filling meat meals after using the best meat slicer machine and the correct cooking method. But then, do you feel that you are wasting the ingredients, the dishes you have, the cost to make dishes for your family when you leave the leftovers?

Yes, we know that feeling. You probably want to store those leftovers for the next use. But did you know that storing meat the wrong way can lead to food poisoning for you and your loved ones or an infection by the bacteria present inside it?

So, should you keep the food in the existing packaging or find a new and suitable container to hold it. Then what is the most effective way to defrost it? All will be in this article. Join us to learn more about where to store meat, where to keep it in the fridge, or when to freeze it.

Store In The Refrigerator

What Is Kind Of Material Suitable For Wrapping And Storing Meat In The Refrigerator?

To limit the exposure to the air, the …

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Thirty-Fourth Annual New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival High School Winners!

We’re proud to announce the winners of the thirty-fourth annual New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival in the High School category!

The high school winners are: Packing by Michael Villanueva, a student at the Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools – East Brunswick; Trust No One by Gabrielle Poisson, a Newark Academy student; Learn Your ABCs by Elijah Gaines, of Lindenwold High School, & Jaleel Lindsey, from the Greenfields Residential Community Home; Smile by Kianni Keys from Newark Academy, and Hot Dogs and Feminism by Jasmine Sharma, a student at Bergen County Academy for Visual & Performing Arts.

Over 450 plays were submitted for this year’s New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival, the third-oldest young playwrights festival in the country.  Finalists had their plays critiqued by professional playwrights from all over the United States, allowing them the valuable chance to learn from these professionals and to revise their work, making it stronger before resubmitting it for final consideration. The New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival winners will receive Governor’s Awards, a one-year membership to the Dramatists Guild, the professional playwrights …

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First Annual New Jersey Youth Poet Laureate Winners!

We’re proud to announce the winners of the first annual New Jersey Youth Poet Laureate Contest!

The three 2017 New Jersey Youth Poet Laureates are Mel Xiao, a Newark Academy student from Livingston; Eileen Huang, a High Technology High School student from Holmdel; and Nicole Tota, a Cherokee High School student from Marlton. These three winners will represent North, Central, and South Jersey, respectively. Writers Theatre will present them with opportunities to perform and share their work throughout the state and their poems will be published later this year.  Each winner will also receive a Governor’s Award.

With this being the first year of the contest, we didn’t expect anywhere near the over 800 submissions we received, so the judging and awards process took longer than anticipated, but we’ve ironed out the kinks and are adjusting the timing for next year’s contest.  We thank you for your patience during the process.

The Youth Poet Laureate contest was something Writer’s Theatre Artistic Director John Pietrowski had long been wanting to provide for New Jersey youth poets, alongside …

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