by Caroline Cromwell

Wednesday was the first real rehearsal for us with an official cast. Though many of us had been reading for the same parts for the past few weeks, it is nice to have everything solidified. Instead of doing table work, as is traditionally done in the first few rehearsals, we got to really explore the space we would be performing in, inside our little “pods.” We have chairs now spread equidistant throughout the stage currently to represent our different “homeboxes,” as they are referred to in the script. Each have a pretty small space, but that is probably pretty accurate to how it would be in the world of the play, but it is all our characters have ever known.

A lot of what makes up the “homebox” currently is up to our imaginations, due to the fact that we are  beginning rehearsals, and don’t have any props or set pieces, but it is a nice character exercise to think about what each of us would really need in our homes, and what is important to us. We learned that we will be onstage the entire time, unless the script specifically calls for us to leave, or people are playing multiple characters, so we did some exercises today of while we are reading through the first few scenes, how we are also occupying the space. What does the character do all day? Rodney [Gilbert, the director] reminded us that we probably don’t spend all of our time sitting down. Since this is such a futuristic play and we are the first to be doing it, it is really cool to be able to imagine up how your character lives and acts, because for now, anything is possible.