“Because y’all lil’ jerks tease him and pick on him so bad, he rather sit and starve a extra thirty minutes than be around you.”– Bernadette


Recent years have shown an increase in anti-bullying policies across the country, which includes Newark, New Jersey. 2011 saw a new law to strengthen the standards for preventing, investigating, reporting, responding to bullying and to reduce the risk of suicide among students. It seems people have finally learned that this issue is not simply teasing that can be brushed off. Children who are bullied can experience negative physical and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety which can follow them into adulthood. Bullying can even have a negative effect on academics (GPA and standardized test scores) and puts children at risk of suicide. It can also lead to extremely violent measures of retaliation like in the 1990s where 12 of 15 school shootings showed a link to the shooters being bullied. And bullying does not just affect the victim. Bullies are more likely to engages in violent and risky behaviors which can follow them into their adulthood like alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other criminal activities.



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