Tino: A brilliant and compassionate young boy from Newark, NJ; He lives with his abusive Aunt Anessa after the brutal shooting and death of his mother.


Bernadette: The rude and ill-tempered lunch lady who does like children. However, she relates to Tino and the two of them form a special bond.


Deja: Tino’s spunky and sassy classmate who befriends Tino


Alneesa: Tino’s Aunt; She verbally, emotionally, and physically abuses Tino.


Preacher: A Baptist Preacher who, like Tino, lost his mother as a young boy; He becomes a sort of spiritual guide to Tino.


TeacherLeads Tino and his class in correcting a grammar test; when Tino bravely defends his correct usage of  “girls” as a singular unit, the teacher angrily suspends him claiming “I’ve got decades of grammar usage under my belt.”


Principle: The principle of Tino’s school; he enforces Tino’s suspension for disrespecting the teacher over the grammar lesson; He is aware  Aunt Alneesa abuses the young boy, but refuses to intercede.




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