Chisa’s Other Works


Kin (A REP Theatre commission in progress)

In order to join a white supremacist group a man takes a mandatory ancestry test to get a life changing surprise.


The Forgetting Place (A puppet musical in progress)

What if you could get rid of memories of the events that hurt you? A sad young girl discovers the answer when she finds a mystical river with the power to make her forget the tragedy that brought her to it in the first place.


A New World Disorder

After a devastating epidemic that affects the entire world, the survivors allow a well-meaning but dictatorial man to convince them to forgo all direct human contact. However, the world is forever altered when a new generation yearning for changes decide to start a revolution.


Breaking Bread (Part of the Working Theatre’s Five Boroughs/One City Project)

All are welcome to the traditional Italian-American family. But, the interloping black guy is not.


The Wedding Gift

A regular Joe named Doug is surprised to find himself at an other worldly wedding, as the gift.


Dead & Breathing

An old cranky woman whose only wish is to die convinces her in-home nurse to help in her suicide.


Alondra Was Here

After losing her sister, a young woman finds courage in a police state.


This Is Not The Play

A black playwright works to get a story out of reluctant white characters with distrust and stereotypes in the air.


Tunde’s Trumpet (A kids’ musical)

A mischievous little boy finds focus (and magic) in music.


Somebody’s Daughter

A protege gets the help of a Chinese-American guidance counselor to undo some damage created by gender-bias.


Sex on Sunday

In an ultra-conservative neighborhood, a dominatrix works hard in an attempt to fit in.


The Subject

After the death of one of his subjects, an upstart documentarian builds his success and has to face the consequences.


Mama’s Gonna Buy You

Desperate for a child, a wealthy white woman steals one from a black teen mom.


She Like Girls

The murder of a 15-year-old lesbian in Newark, NJ inspires this love/hate story.


Shorter Plays

Blue Ribbon

Marking the tenth anniversary of his wife’s death, a man finds love at a tattoo parlor.


Choosing Love

A psychic sees love and tragedy coming.



A bored housewife tries to find a way to screw the system by doing the obvious, screwing a black man.



Surely Goodness and Mercy (An adaptation of the play)

The Subject (An adaptation of the play)

Chance of Rain (An adaptation of Choosing Love)

A Yesha Cook is Dying From the Feet Up

A stubbornly independent women has to learn to balance an increasingly serious romance and ridiculous family drama, after being diagnosed with MS.



"Plays & Things." Chisa Hutchinson.