Life Expectancy for Young Men


A common belief is that women live longer than men, and the numbers show that this is true. 57 percent of people 65 or older are female, and by the age 85 that number will rise to 67 percent. Women in general will live about 5 years longer than men in the United States, and 7 years longer worldwide. The reason for men not living as long? Well, it is because men tend to:

  • Take bigger risks
  • Work more dangerous jobs
  • Die of heart disease more often and younger
  • Weigh more than women
  • Commit suicide more often than women
  • Not be as socially connected
  • And avoid doctors

However, the numbers get worse when race is added to the picture.  People of color tend to have even shorter lifespans than white people. Black men alone live only around 72.3 years as of 2013, which is even lower than the life expectancy of white men and women all the way back in 1999. This lower life expectancy is a result of the risk factors men faced stated before and the additional factor of cancer and diabetes being higher for black men as well as homicide. 


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