Metropolitan Baptist Church

“You should come with me! On Sunday! Metropolitan Baptist on Springfield Avenue. You can take the twenty-five right there. That’s what I did.”


The Metropolitan Baptist Church is located on Springfield Avenue in Newark, NJ and is currently run by Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. David Jefferson. It was first started on January 20th in 1938 by a small group of people which met at the home of Deacon and Mrs. Fred O’Bryant. The group wanted to grow spirituality and to practice peaceful worship which is what lead to the Metropolitan Baptist Church. The first service was held 3 days later with 140 people present and a sermon given by Reverend W.A. McCloud on 123 Prince Street. While first organizing the church it went under the name “Mt. Moriah Mission” until a permanent chapter was approved. On May 11th of the same year, the group put a down-payment on 32-34 Prince Street and by June 3rd the “Mt. Moriah Mission” was renamed the Metropolitan Baptist Church. The church continued to expand and created various organizations within it as the years went by. By 1967, the church grew to have 5,321 members and have assets worth over $250,000. Today it serves thousands of happy and pious members as one of the most famous churches in Newark.




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