“New Jersey SEEDS. They take kids real young, put ‘em through like training programs, make ‘em go to school on Saturdays and in the summer. And they connect them with private schools that’ll offer scholarships, like boarding schools and things.”


The NJ SEEDS program is an organization started in 1992 that “prepares motivated, high-achieving, low-income students for admission to private schools and colleges across the country” (www.nclc2025.org). SEEDS stands for: Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, Success, and the organizations has helped hundreds of NJ based students since its inception. The organization has several programs for students to participate in, including: Youth Scholars, Scholars Program, College Preparatory Program, College Scholars, and Guidance and Alumni Programs.

Image courtesy of http://investinginfutures.njseeds.org/.

In Surely Goodness and Mercy, Bernadette plans to enroll Tino into SEEDS, and due to his age he would probably be placed in the Youth Scholars group. The Youth Scholars partake in a 14-month program that starts in the summer their fourth of fifth school year. This is followed by Saturday meetings in the fifth or sixth grade, and then another five-week summer program before the start of the sixth or seventh grade. To be a Youth Scholar, you must live in the Greater Newark area, which includes Newark, Irvington, Orange or East Orange. By doing this Tino can become one of the many SEEDS success stories which can be found on their website. For example, in 2016 99% of SEEDS graduates were placed in selective schools or colleges with enough financial aid to enter, and the program has secured more than $175 million in financial aid for their participants. To learn more about NJ SEEDS and possible enrollment, simply visit their website at:  https://njseeds.org/.




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