Questions for Discussion


  1. Looking at Tino’s story, what was his arc? What did he learn during his journey? Taking note of what he did, where do you think he got his strength?
  2. Whether positively or negatively, what scene resonated the most with you?
  3. Surely Goodness and Mercy is a story about empathy and kindness between the main characters. Name some points where the characters expressed empathy or kindness no matter how minute.
  4. Looking at the issue of healthcare in Surely Goodness and Mercy, it is obvious that it is a problem that a few characters in the play face. Using what you learned from the study guide, talk about the characters healthcare options. Are the options perfect? How can they be improved upon?
  5. The zero tolerance policy plays a key role in the play with Tino’s journey. When he confronts his teacher, zero tolerance becomes the deciding factor for his punishment. Was the principal just in his sentence? Did the punishment meet the crime? Are there any possible negative consequences of zero tolerance?
  6. When looking at how abusive Alneesa is to Tino, it makes sense that he would want to leave the situation as soon as possible. In real life scenarios, many have taken the same road that he did, but moving into the school is not the best solution and can have several negative consequences. Using the study guide, discuss other options for Tino to take. Are these options perfect? Can you think of other ways to improve upon them?