“They sayin’ tomorrow morning, after my last dose of the steroids.”


When people think steroids, they often think about the illegal use of it by athletes to improve their performance. Nevertheless, steroids were originally created for medical use, and a majority of them still are used for this purpose. They are prescribed to treat a variety of conditions when the body’s defense system malfunctions causing tissue damage. Steroids are the main treatment for a number of inflammatory conditions like myositis (inflammation of muscles), vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels), lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome and gout. With the help of steroids, what can be life threatening conditions are controlled. In the case of Bernadette, the doctors treated her with steroids to improve the symptoms of her multiple sclerosis. But sadly, they will not have any impact on the overall level of recovery, nor will it cure her MS or her symptoms.




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