Surely Goodness and Mercy Timeline


Act and Scene

Characters Time and location

What’s Going On

Act 1, Scene 1 Tino and Alneesa Start of play, in Alneesa’s apartment. Tino tries to connect and talk to Alneesa.
Act 1, Scene 2 Tino and Dija Same day as scene 1, Tino’s classroom Tino and Alneesa discuss how sometimes an itch needs a scratch.
Act 1, Scene 3 Tino and Bernadette Same day, school cafeteria Tino talks about the bible with his lunch lady, Bernadette.
Act 1, Scene 4 Preacher and congregants That Sunday, Metropolitan Baptist Church Preacher explains what it means to be kind and empathetic.
Act 1, Scene 5 Tino and Aleneesa Same Day, Alneesa’s apartment Tino get’s caught coming home from church.
Act 1, Scene 6 Bernadette That night, Bernadette’s apartment Bernadette wakes to find something wrong.
Act 1, Scene 7 Deja and Tino Next day, classroom Deja and Tino become closer as friends.
Act 1, Scene 8 Bernadette, Tino, and Deja Same day, school cafeteria Bernadette, Tino and Deja meet. Bernadette warns Deja not to hurt Tino.
Act 1, Scene 9 Tino That night, Tino’s room Tino tries to secretly use Alneesa’s phone.
Act 1, Scene 10 Bernadette Same time as last scene, Bernadette’s apartment Bernadette’s condition seems to be getting worse.
Act 1, Scene 11 Tino and Alneesa Morning, Alneesa’s apartment Tino wakes to a cranky and dangerous Alneesa.
Act 1, Scene 12 Bernadette, Tino and Deja Lunchtime, school cafeteria Bernadette gives Tino a thoughtful lunch, and Tino gives her some advice.
Act 1, Scene 13 Preacher, Deja and Tino   Next Sunday, Metropolitan Baptist Church Tino takes Deja to Church
Act 1, Scene 14 Tino That night, Tino’s room Tino, lonely and worried, asks for help.
Act 1, Scene 15 Bernadette Same time as previous scene, Bernadette’s apartment

Bernadette’s condition gets worse and she cannot ignore it any longer.  

Act 2, Scene 1 Tino and Bernadette Some time later, Bernadette’s hospital room Tino visits Bernadette in the hospital and discovers her illness and not something she has to means to treat.
Act 2, Scene 2 Deja and Tino A few days later, classroom Tino and Deja think of a way to help Bernadette pay for her treatment.
Act 2, Scene 3 Teacher and Tino Same day, classroom Tino stands up to his teacher about grammar.
Act 2, Scene 4 Principal, Tino, Alneesa Later that day, principal’s apartment Tino gets in trouble for his outburst.
Act 2, Scene 5 Tino and Bernadette A few days later, Bernadette’s hospital room Bernadette comforts Tino while Tino tries to help her in turn.
Act 2, Scene 6 Tino and Deja A few days later, school cafeteria The kids come up with a way to help Bernadette.
Act 2, Scene 7 Tino, Deja and Bernadette Next day, school cafeteria Tino and Deja secretly film Bernadette for GoFundMe.
Act 2, Scene 8 Tino and Alneesa Some time later, Alneesa’s apartment Alneesa tries to ruin Tino’s plan to help Bernadette.
Act 2, Scene 9 Tino That night, Tino’s room. Tino comes to a decision.
Act 2, Scene 10 Tino and Deja Next day, school cafeteria Deja notices something different about Tino.
Act 2, Scene 11 Tino and janitor That night, classroom Tino sneakily sleeps at school to avoid going home.
Act 2, Scene 12 Bernadette and Deja A few days have passed, school cafeteria Deja explains to Bernadette how she’s noticed something is wrong with Tino.
Act 2, Scene 13 Bernadette and Deja End of the school day, classroom Bernadette catches Tino sleeping at school.

Act 2, Scene 14

Bernadette and Principal Some time later, principal’s office

Bernadette meets with the principal to discuss Tino’s future and find a life changing surprise.