Soundings Reading Series

Soundings 2019 Calendar

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january, 2019

03jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Fading Grace by John Wooten

04jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Love's Executioner by Deb Margolin

05jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Miss Keller Has No Second Book by Deb Hiett

06jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Water Water Everywhere by Eric Peterson

07jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Paper Soldier by Nicholas Glossman

08jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | A Better Place To Be by Stephen Fredericks

09jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | The Lucky Ones by Lia Romeo

10jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Ways To Be Happy by David Lee White

11jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | New York City 523 by Joseph Gallo

12jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Vatican Falls by Frank J. Avella

13jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Gospel According to SB by Susan Barsky

14jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | In Real Life by Stacie Lents

15jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | It's A Beautiful Wound by Rich Orloff

16jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | A Certain Age by Laura Ekstrand

17jan7:00 pmSoundings 2019 | Five Husbands by Ben V. Marshall


The Soundings Reading Series is designed to test a fairly well-developed play in front of an audience. Authors have five hours of rehearsal with professional actors and a director, and a public reading of the play with guided feedback from the audience.  All readings are followed by a discussion with the author, director, and Artistic Director John Pietrowski.

These readings permit Writers Theatre to connect with its community of patrons and artists to:

  • gain audience insight into the play
  • continue the exposure of the audience to the creative process
  • give our audience experiences with diverse narrative forms.

Writers Theatre presents around 14 of these readings per year. Plays presented will be a mix of new submissions and continued relationships with writers whose work has been developed at WTNJ in the past.