The Best Butane Torch – Detailed Instructions On How To Buy And Use

Butane torches can help you melt frozen pipes, produce jewelry, cook food, and so on. These amazing tools deserve a place in anyone’s tool cabinet. However, finding the best butane torch is not easy, especially when you are looking for a variety capable of serving many uses. If you’re curious about this handheld tool, Let’s keep on reading!

The Best Butane Torches: Max Flame and Blazer

In this first section, we would like to introduce to you two of the micro torches that are available in the market, Blazer and Max Flame.

With high durability and large working capacity, both of them are great helpers in the jewelry-making process. You can use them continuously for many years without worrying about the quality of these two models.

If you often have to work with jewelry, Blazer will be a suggestion not to be missed. But make sure you check it out thoroughly to avoid making mistakes when buying it. For torches whose main material is plastic, you should return them quickly, even lower the price.

It’s because the part at the top of the torches will become hot when burning for a long time. High temperatures can melt plastic parts,  which affects the torch tip’s reception of butane and prevents it from continuing to burn.

Regarding Max Flame, the flame of this model is longer and wider. For welding large pieces of the workpiece, it is more useful than Blazer. But it would be great if you own both of these torch templates to use them flexibly depending on different requirements.

When To Use Blazer Vs. Max Flame Micro Torches?

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Due to different textures and performance, each type will be suitable for each specific case.

Blazer Torches (2400° F)

  • Closing jump rings (14g/ thinner)
  • Thin ring bands (4mm/smaller)
  • Bezels closed
  • Make headpins by drawing the bead on the wire
  • Make the heat patina
  • Solder a charm or the small element on the metal pendant (1 inch and smaller).
  • The torches fire some metal clay kinds

Max Flame Torches (2400° F)

  • Closing jump rings (12g, bigger)
  • Wide the ring band (5mm, bigger)
  • Putting large objects together, such as the bezel component and the large pendant or a ring band (1 to 2-½ inches)
  • Annealing the metal
  • Firing enamel


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How To Fill Butane Micro Torch

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These micro torches can’t work for long unless you have enough fuel to fuel them. You can buy regular butanes from hardware stores to fill the tank. The triple refined fuel will keep the torches clean, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, conventional fuels will still work very well.

Filling the torches can be a complicated task as if not careful, it will probably turn out to be useless. Here are some suggested steps for you (It is better to use ventilation when adding fuel to the torches):

  • Separate out the micro torch and the butane chamber.
  • Remove the bottom bracket (if present) and set it aside.
  • Take out the butane compartment cover.
  • Turn your tool upside down to find the fill point at the bottom.
  • Insert the end of the butane box into that spot, and then press down hard.

At this point, it slowly flows from the canister into your torches. When fuel comes out from the lamp head, it means it is full. Stop the refilling and tighten your tool flow control knob.

Then insert its stand and place it upright for 30s to let the butane settle. So you have a torch ready to work.

How To Turn On A Micro Torch?

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For details on how to enable your micro torches, refer to the user manual carefully. You should also keep in mind the basic safety concepts for all models of the torch.

The fireproof surface will give you more peace of mind about the safety of this tool. And do not forget to put on glasses before starting work.

While lighting the fire, be careful with the direction of your torch tip. Please place it 8-10 inches from the workpiece surface and tilt it at an angle of 45 degrees. You can start it with the internal fuel line and click the ignition button.

The intensity of the flame is a very important factor when making jewelry. Therefore, to get a feel for the levels of flame, you can leave it on the highest level then slowly reduce it to the lowest level.

Understanding The Fire

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When different factors of flame are used, the flame temperature will also be different. Thus, it’s important to conduct a mini test.

Each flame has two parts: the inner and the outer. Different parts give different amounts of heat. While the outer flame has a transparent dark blue color, the inner is opaque, lighter, and has a sharp tip.

The part in front of the inner flame is the sweet spot – the hottest part. With this point, you can heat the metal and melt the solder more quickly.

To control the temperature, it’s very simple; all you need is to adjust the distance from this tip to its metal surface.

There will be wind- or hiss-like sounds if you put the flame so close to the surface. Black spots can also appear when heated.

Since the fire inside is colder, it will be your job to last longer than expected. After use, please turn it off and place it upright on some fireproof surface. Here, be very careful with the tip because it is very hot.


Above is useful information on choosing and paying attention to when using micro torches most safely and effectively. If you are looking for the best butane torch to make jewelry, why not try Blazer or Max Flame? We bet they won’t let you down.

Our article will stop here. If you have any further questions, please leave us a comment below.

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