Eighteen year old Amy was the best piano player at Festial High School. After her tragic death, her four best friends – the Festial Quartet – join their Christian youth leader, Michael, to prepare for her memorial. When Amy’s grieving mother asks Michael to save the Festial Quartet’s souls, their fragile psyches begin to crack, forcing one of them to reveal a secret she’s been harboring for two years – a secret that will change everyone’s perception of adolescence, adulthood, friendship and faith. Directed by Nick Anselmo.
Date:January 15 at 7:00 pm
Venue: Dreyfuss Theatre on the Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus – Show In Map
Tickets: Here
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About The Soundings Reading Series

The Soundings Reading Series is designed to test fairly well-developed plays in front of an audience. Authors have five hours of rehearsal with professional actors and a director, and a public reading of the play with guided feedback from the audience.

These readings permit Writers Theatre to connect with its community of patrons and artists to:

  1. Gain audience insight into the play
  2. Continue the exposure of the audience to the creative process
  3. Give our audience experiences with diverse narrative forms.

Writers Theatre presents around 10 of these readings per year. Plays presented will be a mix of new submissions and continued relationships with writers whose work has been developed at WTNJ in the past.