Young Se Choi

My spiral notebook

The shining metal bindings
flow the way
a boy’s dreams do in sleep.
These pages hold, carry, and nurture reveries,
But this book was meant for school work,
rather than the childish pleasures of drawing doodles,
although most of us have done at least one on the folded
corner of a page in the middle of writing endless, unused formulas.
The unsmiling, capital letters in “COLLEGE-RULED LENGTH” glare back
into my drowning eyes.
Five subjects are separated by
brown cardboard dividers until you wonder to stop and ask yourself:
for what?
A part of growing up is letting go of these five subjects

©2016 by the author. Used with permission.

About Young Se Choi
My name is Young Se Choi and I live in Livingston, NJ. Currently, I attend Newark Academy as a high school junior and have been writing poetry for four years.
Writer's Statement
 I write because it helps me express my thoughts and convey a message through my outside observations. I always enjoyed reading at a young age, but writing allowed me to channel my inner thoughts and observations of the world around me. I enjoy writing poetry from a wide variety of topics, but I particularly like to write about things about society that others aren’t noticing.